Friday, December 16, 2005

The "Other" Bowls

My question today is: Does anyone watch the "other" bowls? You know which ones I mean.

Now, the non-BCS games that feature marquee teams like Florida, Iowa, LSU, Miami, Michigan, Boise State, are worth watching. I'll probably be watching every single one of those games. But I'm talking the Pioneer Purevision Las Vegas Bowl, or the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl.

Last year, I went to the Motor City Bowl in Detroit to see UConn vs. Toledo. I had a great time, got so fucking drunk that I passed out during the 4th quarter, and when I woke up and tried to stand I fell over a few rows of seats. Then we went gambling in Detroit, it was amazing. But the game itself, and the attendance, was weak sauce.

I love sitting around, drinking 15 beers, and watching a college football game as much as the next guy. But this year there are 10-12 bowls that I won't be seeing, because I just won't care enough. And to watch a game, I have to care very little. You get the point, which brings me to the real point: Isn't the justification for not having a playoff system that they make too much money from these bowls?

Players' families, some sparse alumni, and weirdo diehard fans who get psyched for the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl are the only people who care. So where is all this money coming from, and how would it not be more profitable to have 15 HUGE playoff games (assuming a 16-team field)?

The reasons for why a playoff system wouldn't work, given by this USA TODAY article are laughable at best:

1. "Could diminish interest in the regular season" -- Um, fuck off.
2. "The college game would become even more commercialized and professionalized." -- Are you serious?
3. "A 16-team, four-round playoff would be during many final exams and extend the season into the second semester. Players would be harder-pressed to be students." -- This is even funnier than the others!

Here's Texas A&M's coach's take: "I like the bowls."

No shit, asshole! The bowls wouldn't disappear!

The weirdos could still have their shitty bowls, and we could have our amazing playoff system. It makes college football fans salivate, but they say it won't happen. Can someone give me an answer that makes sense?

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