Monday, December 12, 2005

Here We Come!

I initiated a trial separation with College Football after Michigan's third loss in four tries versus tOSU back in November, suggesting that we try it out as just friends. This lasted all of two or three weeks, and now we're talking on the phone and hooking up when we get drunk at parties. Pretty soon we're going to have to have another where is this going sort of conversation. So I'm getting ready by collecting by thoughts and posting them here in the College Football blogosphere. I've invited an antagonist as well, a Buckeye, so we'll see how that goes.

This might seem like an odd time to launch a College Football Blog, seeing that the season is nearly over, but I thought between the regular season and the Bowls we have an opportunity to analyze the past season, give it a fitting post-mortem, hype the shit out of the bowls, and start the ball rolling for a big 2006.

Maybe we can start by discussing the big, post-season prizes. What I liked: Paul Posluzszvzsyzyny for the Butkus award over A. J. Hawk. Hawk took it at the awards show with that slimy pinstripes on black shirt and tie combo, but Posluszszynsnyszy won it on the field. Except when he lost to Michigan.

I didn't like Reggie Bush for the Heisman. He was good but he did have Matt Leinart sharing the backfield and making it easier to be awesome. Which is why I liked Vince Young, who's been on some kind of march on destiny since last year's Rose Bowl, to win the Heisman. Who else, exactly is on that offense? Which is why he'd be the most impressive player in College Footballdom. And be warned, this is also my pick for the Rose Bowl, Texas over USC when Vince upstates Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart.

And I promise this Blog will only get better.

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Switters said...

Well I must say that this season has been a success, with the Buckeyes starting and ending the season at #4. As everyone knows, championships are few and far between. But to end the season in the Big House with a win was great. I wish I could remember the 4th quarter.

Reggie Bush pretty much locked up the Heisman when he ran for 50,000 yards in that one game that USC almost lost. Vince Young sulking on the sidelines during his lackluster performance against Texas Tech didn't help his case, and Matt Leinart is just happy smiling and giving interviews about how awesome he is.

What I don't think anyone expected is for this Heisman to be such a landslide. I think Bill Clinton would have done better in this race. But hey, he's the man. We'll see how the Trojans do against Texas.

Somehow I knew that Penn State linebacker was going to win one of those awards over Hawk, but hey, he's still A.J. Hawk. At least he won the Lomardi Award, and he's going to go first round.