Saturday, July 19, 2008

Downloadable 2008 College Football Schedule

The College Football Excel love-fest is far from over! Behold AND DOWNLOAD the 2008 College Football Helmet Schedule. Tabbed by 1-A Conference and 'Game of the Week' it will be a handy reference for planning your fall. 

As in years past, I must disclaim any actual credit for this glorious resource and will once again put it out to the collective awesomeness of the Internet and ask that this hero of College Football Fans everywhere step forward to be recognized.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Son of College Football Helmet Quiz

This Tracy Nishibun is prolific with Excel-based quizzes and apparently lives somewhere in Hawai'i (where College Football was also taking off last we checked, sometime early in the 1st Quarter of the 2008 Sugar Bowl.) Not to pre-suppose he's a Hawai'i fan, but let's hope the program survives its Hundred-Year whooping by Georgia, and the departure of June Jones, and that Mr. Nishibun is still motivated to take advantage of his new-found viral College Football fame and keep pumping out quizzes. (NCAA, Historical, etc.)

In College Football Helmet Quiz Part II we see the same familiar, comfortable format with different helmets and, IMO, slightly more challenge than the first quiz.

Download Here.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

College Football Helmet Quiz

I'm unapologetic about my quest for the kitsch in college football. Whatever helps me better connect to the game is all good with me: trivia, blogs, coloring books and other bullshit, but particularly home-grown Excel quizzes by Tracy Nishibun with an assist from The Helmet Project.

Download Here