Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Take on Smardzija

Yes he looks like he got off the short bus, but I can't fully agree with Switter's scathing assessment of Notre Dame wideout, Jeff Samardzija, who emerged out of nowhere, or the Serbian part of Indiana, to have a pretty amazing (especially when you consider he's white) season. To wit, "the wavy-haired, arrogant sensationalist" caught 72 passes for 1215 yards and 15 touchdowns. He also threw in some excellent, celebratory high fives, which I guess prompted Switter's impression that he's arrogant. I just think he's excited, thinking, hey, I'm a white guy and scoring touchdowns in bigtime NCAA ball. This is pretty neat.

And that's exactly how goofy he looks too. (Notice the striking resemblence to N'Sync dandy, J.C. Chasez.)

But I don't want to sing his praises to highly, because I agree that they are going to lose to Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl. I think he plays a good game but tOSU defense led by the smarmiest linebacker ever, A.J. Hawk, give Notre Dame Brady Quinn too many problems, cutting into the Serbian's stats, and the Buckeyes win.

I also want to comment, briefly, on the Alamo Bowl. I don't think I should have to point out that the mighty Buckeyes were in that bowl last year and made a statement by whipping a Big 12 team. I won't say I'm clairvoyant, but I see the same thing happening this year as Chad Henne emerges from the rock he's been hiding under and Michigan unloads the chip on its shoulder by burying Nebraska in a snowstorm of points.

The other December 28 bowlgame to look forward to is the Micron PC Bowl, nee Humanitarian Bowl, on the blue turf in Boise, Idaho. The matchup itself is interesting, Boston College trying to be the first opponent to beat the Broncos in Boise in the Post 9/11 era (Washington State was the last, winning in Boise on September 8, 2001); but the subtext is also intriguing in that it may well be rising star Dan Hawkins' last game in Boise. Hawkins has recently emerged as the number one candidate for the Colorado coaching vacancy after Gary Barnett was let go for shameful behavior off field and shameful play on the field as evidenced by their 70-3 loss to Texas in the Big 12 Championship game.

I will go on the record as a Boise State fan and say that while this may be a tough nut for Boiseans to swallow, it is absolutely the right move for Coach Hawkins. He deserves a crack at a big-time program and Boise State isn't quite a big enough pond...yet. I think he should take this job and I think he will. How he handles the transition and the fate of his team taking on a tough Boston College squad on December 28 will be interesting to watch.

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