Tuesday, December 20, 2005

An Early New Year's Resolution

I already quit smoking and I'm never going to quit drinking, so my challenge to myself is this:

I'm going to watch every single bowl game this bowl season.

That's right, starting in about 10 minutes I'm going to watch the Hooligans of Southern Arkansas play the Misanthropes of Western Suzzane. For real, I'm going to be Johnny Football, watching all the games, listening to the terrible announcers doing these games instead of being home with their families. And I'll get to see some future CFL stars in action.

Here are a few ground rules I'm going to set for myself:

1. I must drink at least 5 beers during each bowl game.

2. If there are multiple games on TV, I can choose one to watch as long as I promise to follow the other scores.

3. I'm allowed to switch back and forth if Family Guy is on.

One great thing about watching all of the bowl games is that, on this blog, you'll get all of the best commentary and analysis on all of the bowl games. So stay tuned. Hopefully I won't end up like this guy.

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