Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tempting Spreads

Here are some spreads from SportsBetting I'm considering for this week (This in no way constitutes actual gambling advice. If that's what you're looking for, here it is. Don't. (Gamble.)):

NC State +10 Hosting FSU - both teams suck so I don't see a dominant FSU victory, I actually see it barely happening. I'm placing my bet today, since the game's tonight.

Wake Forest +17 Hosting Clemson - my friend who's a Clemson fan writes:

thats a tough call. in years past I would say definitely take Wake... we always seem to play down to Wake, especially in Winston Salem, but Clemson is trying hard to make a name for themselves this year. we've put up more than 50 points in three games so far this year and are averaging over 40 points a game right now. that being said, we lost our Senior RB a week or so ago (our 2 best are a freshman and sophomore though) and one of our top receivers broke his foot in practice this week and is out for 4 to 5 weeks... so I'm inclined to say take the Deacons +17.

Washington +19.5 At USC - From what I've seen, John David Booty's USC is not a big-time offense in the mold of USC teams over the last few years. They're efficient and consistent and will probably win this game, but I don't think they're going to blow out the resurget Huskies by 19.5. Plus, I'm kind of high on Ty Willingham. He's got an intense stare, and I find this fortifies teams and is probably as good a reason to bet on the Dawgs as anything else.

Finally. one line that troubles me deeply and the chat that left me even more confused...

Bowling Green +35.5 At Ohio State

nastyb: what do you think of Ohio State -35.5 this weekend

that's a huge line

switters: well

i might take BGU

they've covered every spread this year, by a lot

but none that big

go ahead though
5 point spread vs. iowa at gametime

seems like a slamdunk

won by 28

so they can hang up 35.5 on BGU

18 point spread vs. NI
i will give you that they cover the shitty games closer than the big ones
but they have covered probably 12 straight games (since last season)

yeah, but 35.5? i will meditate on this.

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