Friday, October 06, 2006

Brother, Could You Spare a BCS Berth?

Generally, applying the transitive property to football (X beat Y, Y beat Z, so X will beat Z) is a recipe for embarassing disaster, especially if you bet on such tenous logic. But I'm going to bite on it today after Utah's convincing win over TCU (formerly ranked #17 and the mid-major BCS favorite) last night 20-7. We know now that Boise State is the best mid-major program this year. With Utah, and now TCU, measuring up short, there's really no one even close.

Not that TCU and Boise State were slated to play this season, but TCU's crumbling by 13 points to a team that Boise State beat by 33 does serve to legitimate Boise State's assertion that they are much better than TCU. The shear margins that sperate BSU > Utah > TCU are enough (46 points) that I not only feel entitled, but compelled, to apply the transitive property here in the hopes that we can create a groundswell of enthusiam for the Boise State Broncos in their mission to earn a BCS Bowl berth. Since they aren't a shoo-in, they'll need the help of public opinion.

Obviously, they still have to win out, but it's not to early to join Boise State AD Gene Bleymaier in drumming up some BCS support for the boys of the Blue.

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Dan said...

Looks like Boise's BCS road just got a little clearer.

Fresno State 12
Utah State 13