Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Blathering Incoherently?

Today is thick with irony. My noble and worthy comrade NastyB suggested that we "shut up and enjoy the season like gentlemen" instead of pointing to how much Michigan and Ohio State beat common opponents by. The one thing I never got the answer to is "don't confuse the issue," which implies that there is a real issue somewhere in there?

If I ever hear the "real issue" perhaps I can stop confusing it with my fake issue.

At any rate, as I prepare to heed my friendly colleague's advice, it is a tad bit ironic to implore me to "shut up and enjoy the season like gentlemen" while calling your number one ranked opponent "Bumpkins."

If calling fans of your rivals "Bumpkins" while posting hilarious videos of them is being a gentleman, then I'd rather be an incoherently blathering idiot.

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Anonymous said...

Comparing 3 OSU-clinics with 3 merely-sufficient-Michigan-victories is, of course, not a flawless prophecy. But nor is it simply a New York Post horoscope.

NastyB, your point regarding the relativity of a simple transitive numbers analysis is well taken. Although, Switters was not basing his "food for thought" on just ONE game. Rather, it was THREE games, ALL of which OSU virtually outscored Michigan. A scenario that is statistically improbable in a game of rock paper scissors unless one team has a clear advantage (read: Smith, Gonzalez, and Ginn).

Put another way, out of 3 common-opponent-games, OSU always had the Rock, the Paper, and the Scissors (read: Smith, Gonzalez, and Ginn). So give Switters' numbers the credit they deserve. It's not as deep or as complicated as your post implies. It's really simple. It's a clear indication of a more potent offense and a tougher defense. Period.

And to "Dave, from Michigan," what is the difference between a 14 and a 21 point victory? Seven points. More than enough to win an American Football game.