Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Why Brady Quinn Will Not Win The Heisman

It was only out of deference to my recently quiet colleague Switters that I let that last post lead the blog as long as I did. Because I'm polite and because I respect Switters, I tolerated the cloying look on Quinn's face, his insouciant grin taunting me from the homepage of my own blog, even though he irritates me so much it's making my scalp itch.

Now, meet the Michigan defensive line, a quartet of pipe-hitting brothers without a douche bag among them. On Saturday, led by 6'2" 268 lb. ball of man rage, LaMarr Woodley, they will expose Brady Quinn for the mincing gaylord that he is while defeating Notre Dame. (Take Michigan at +7 if you can find that line.)

Sure, Quinn looked impressive last weekend picking apart a Penn State defense that dropped 7 guys into coverage and telegraphed their occassional linebacker blitz. It's clear now that Brady Quinn can make a good pass when he's got time for tea in the pocket before going through his progression.

So by the other side of the sword it's also clear that the way to beat Notre Dame is put the squeeze on Quinn and pressure the shit out of him. Once's he got the happy feet and is scampering scared under pressure his effectiveness as a quarterback is diminished. Smardizjizdijsa doesn't score anymore balleterrific touchdowns. Michigan wins the game.

And Michigan can apply pressure with a defensive line that is drawing early and apt shock and awe as a force of nature. Woodley already has 4 sacks and 5 TFLs on the season and his supporting cast are, just like him: big, fast and angry and backing it up with 3 sacks and an additional 6 TFLs of their own (most of that in Biggs). But just look at the arms on Woodley and you will know the fear that Brady Quinn will feel come Saturday.

This defensive line is the reason Brady Quinn will not win the Heisman (or at lest go undefeated long enough to meet the Buckeyes in Switter's concocted fantasy BCS Championship matchup). Quinn will be exposed by this defensive line, who will draft the blueprint by which other teams with strong D lines will similarly solve the mighty Irish offense.

I'm prepared to eat crow on this pronouncement should the Irish win out over this defense because that will mean the Irish are that good and worthy of the hype. But I do not believe that will happen since Michigan is due for a big win.

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