Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Switters Takes It Hard


switters: cool man
you are a classy dude
still taking that michigan loss to heart

nastyb: what?

switters: it's cool man
i knew you weren't always a real michigan fan at heart

nastyb: what are you talking about?

Sent at 5:33 PM on Tuesday

After which, stony cold silence.

Hmmmm. How is one to interpret this? Did I just shit on Switter's dream? Did I kick his dog or sleep with his girlfriend? I can't be sure, but I think this is related to a chat we had yesterday before what would become Ohio State's second, high-profile manhandling by Florida in a major college sport championship game. Witness:

switters: what's your take on the game

nastyb: chomp chomp

switters: i see
i would pretend to not be a big ten fan too if i were you

nastyb: well
when you've got $2500 riding on the outcome

switters: you do?
that's awesome for you

nastyb: if florida wins

switters: nice

nastyb: 23% of the kolkata pot

switters: you can take out the 50 you owe me for osu/um and you'll be up 2450

nastyb: haha
the check is in the mail

switters: ok good
i'll look for it when i get home

nastyb: what's your address again?

switters: who knows

nastyb: i'm serious
i'm sending you a check

switters: dude if you send me a mail bomb i'm going to be pissed

nastyb: not a bomb
but maybe some anthrax or ricin powder

switters: did you split florida with a bunch of people or what

nastyb: two other guys
so i get 1/3 of $2500
still a nice chunk of change

switters: cool

nastyb: assuming they win
if they don't we get about $400 each

switters: well it's pretty much already over
if you know anything about sports, you know that the favorites always win

nastyb: true
i've been following 'sports' for a while and that's always been the case

switters: i'm glad it was for the bcs championship

nastyb: ok

switters: i'm just saying

nastyb: there is the poetic justice argument here

switters: i love it
i love watching their press conference yesterday
they were acting like the game was already played

arrogant bastards
i have no love for florida
but i do want to get paid

switters: they are very proud of their back to back championships

nastyb: well, my support is nothing personal

switters: this is how bookie make millions
days like today
and days like january 8

nastyb: yep
what's the line?

switters: 4.5

nastyb: word

switters: 140 i think

nastyb: that's respectable

switters: well florida's going to score 120

so osu will at least score 20

Sent at 1:50 PM on Monday

The guy's got a chip on his shoulder about being #2 and takes it out on me for my coincidental support of the new evil empire in college athletics? I'm just an opportunist, please don't say I'm not a Big 10 fan. That hurts. Besides, it's not like I could have supported Michigan in the NCAA Tournament anytime in the last 6 seasons. Give me some credit for still getting up in the morning.

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