Monday, July 24, 2006

CFN Comes Up With Something Original

I'm not one to credit College Football News with much in the way of originality, seeing as most of their 'content' seems cut and pasted and slighy rearranged from existing articles. All the same I have a daily addiction and don't mind throwing them a bone for having the balls to call it like everyone else is seeing it vis a vis Notre Dame. Overrated.

CFN Says:

18. Notre Dame Notre Dame Preview
Predicted Finish: 8-4 2005 Predicted Finish: 5-6 2005 Record: 9-3
Yes, this is the lowest you’ll see the Irish ranked anywhere (remember that these rankings are based on how good the teams are from top to bottom) and yes, the potential is there for a BCS Championship appearance if Charlie and the boys get out of September unbeaten. However, this is a tremendously flawed team with average corners, a limited pass rush from the front four, and no developed depth anywhere meaning the machine might quickly grind to a halt if injuries hit the skill positions. The secondary didn't get any faster in the off-season, although a few freshmen should provide some immediate help, the offensive line is average, and the overall athleticism and talent level, which was exposed in the Fiesta Bowl by Ohio State, is a year or two away from being up-to-snuff for a national title-caliber powerhouse. There's a whole boatload of talent on the way and this will be a USC-like program by 2008, but not all of the stars are in South Bend quite yet. Remember, outside of the win over an average Michigan squad, last year's team didn't beat anyone with a pulse.
Relative Strengths: quarterback, receiver Relative Weaknesses: linebacker, secondary

I like it CFN. Bravo!

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