Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Morning After

You might have watched a very good National Championship game last night in which Texas fulfilled it's team of destiny, er, destiny and toppled the USC Dynasty du Jour. And I never thought I'd say this about anything Texan, but thank God. Maybe now ESPN will stop fellating Pete Carroll and Matt Leinart and eating Reggie Bush.

Perhaps that was too vulgar, but I'm just trying to express how glad I am for the sport that it manages to stay interesting. You remember when Miami seemed invincible? It was getting kind of boring just about when Ohio State and a happier Maurice Clarett pulled the underdog card and rocked the 'Canes world. I think very much the same thing happened last night with the one difference being the incredible amount of hype surrounding this game. In fact this year's Rose Bowl game enjoyed the highest television rating for any college football game since a 1987 matchup between Penn State and Miami in the Fiesta Bowl.

Texas set the table for this matchup in last year's wild Rose Bowl and rode the team of destiny wave perfectly to its inevitable conclusion -- a 10 yard Vince Young scamper in, around and through USC defenders, to the end zone.

Well done Vince. Well done Texas. Now, who's next?

All the major media outlets have their Top 10 lists for 2006 out so early they may as well be stillborn. Does this appear a tad impatient?

I think so. Especially when considering that to the list, all give Texas their Number 1 position contingent on the return of Vince Young, which we will all know for sure on January 15 when he must declare for the draft or hold his peace as a coed fucking, beer-swilling undergrad as Matt Leinart did a year ago.

If he declares for the draft, of course, throw the whole thing to the wind because in a refreshing change for college football, it looks like anyone's game next year and that's a very good thing.

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