Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Buckeyes Win Fiesta Bowl

As an Ohio State fan, last night's Fiesta Bowl couldn't have been much better.
The win proved many key points:

1. Being an Offensive Coordinator on a perennial Super Bowl-bound NFL team does not make you a great coach, a legend, a miracle worker, or a Saint.

Conclusion: I heard "Weis has a month to prepare for this game" a thousand times. It turns out Ohio State has a coach as well.

2. Troy Smith is an underrated quarterback. He put together 400 total yards against the Irish, and our 617 offensive yards ranks third best in Fiesta Bowl history. We also set a Fiesta Bowl record with 27 first downs.

Conclusion: Our offense will be VERY good next year.

3. I finally got vindication on Wide Receiver Jeff Samardzija. Not only did he drop several key passes, his 6 catches for 60 yards really didn't factor into the game at all. After his taunting incident in the Stanford game, I lost all respect for him.

Conclusion: Being cocky and having long, wavy hair doesn't mean anything when you're playing a hardcore defense. Hey Shark, good luck in baseball.

4. Ted Ginn is very, very, very fast.

Conclusion: We're looking at a 2006 Heisman contender.

It was a great game, and the Buckeyes played great on both sides of the ball.

Now let's go Nittany Lions to get a little Big Ten redemption out of this bowl season.

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